School Times

School Times

Grades 1 to 3 : 08h00 – 12h45 Monday to Thursday

Grades 4 to 7 : 08h00 – 13h15 Monday to Thursday

Grades 1 to 5 : 08h00 – 12h00 Friday

Grades 6 to 7 : 08h00 – 12h15 Friday


In accordance with Covid-19 Regulations, unless a child attends Aftercare or extra lessons on the school premises, all children must be fetched from school immediately at the end of their school day. Parents or guardians are to ensure that any company hired to fetch their child from school is able to meet this requirement.

Until the health risks of contracting Covid-19 are minimized, the school will not offer extra-mural activities. However, extra lessons and homework classes are available by arrangement with teachers, as is Superkids Aftercare Centre during school terms. Enquire at the office or through your child’s teacher should you wish to make use of any of these.